Serger sewing projects

Since some of the plastic components of the 14TDC serger are fragile, there are possibilities of incurring out-of-pocket expenses to repair or fix them after the applicable warranty period elapses.

Three-thread stitches Three-thread overlock Configuration: However, there are many great makes and models out there to fit any budget.

A woven destined for sportswear and a one-season life span. So yes, I love this baby, a lot.

Brother 1034D Serger Sewing Machine Review

First thing you will want to do is make a whole whack of piping using our piping tutorial. Not stretchy, unravels easily. Cover hem stitch Configuration: The Brother D Thread Serger can be used for joining laces, sewing spaghetti straps, making your own fabric flower accents for formal wear, I can hardly wait.

Because the samples vary in width, a lot of time goes into trimming them to then join the different strips. My swatches are sewn with a super stiff muslin material, but if you are sewing with a lighter woven or knit, you will see this straight away.

A whole new place mat. No need to sew twice around armholes. Some time back I had signed up for two serger sewing classes on Craftsyso this was the time to actually sit down and take them.

Once done you will want to finish those seams. Sergers, like sewing machines can come with a high price tag. I even made you a little video to see what I mean. Sergers can be complicated equipment.

The Serger is equipped to handle fabric of all types, thin or thick, and all a variety of materials. Unsubscribe at any time. The high quality stitch formation and design makes it a worthwhile investment.

Needle thread lies across bottom of fabric and looper thread across top; threads intersect at edge. Four-thread stitches Four-thread overlock Configuration: There is also a spot to write in your differential feed.

Plus a little advice on what to look out for if you decide to buy a serger. But, many models are now making threading easier than ever. No shame in the game. Most sergers can make a blind hem on you garments. This serger uses standard sewing machine needles, comes complete with numerous accessories, and had an easy lower looper threading system.

Free Sewing Projects

With the purchase of additional presser feet you can sew blind hems, pin tucks, and flat lock seams. The machines are surprisingly small and compact; the D is recommended for light to medium weight fabrics, while the DE can handle multiple layers of thick fabric with ease. This is a more advanced class, and is clearly geared toward garment sewing.

Some of the highlights of the reviews:.

Getting Crafty Again! Sewing a Machine Cover for my Serger / Overlocker…

I love a fun skirt, and what’s better than sewing one up quick in less than an hour only using. Serger thread is finer than regular sewing machine thread due to the multiple channels and guides it needs to go through before meeting the fabric.

When working with a fabric with multiple colors pick three or four colors from the fabric and match thread accordingly for a multicolored edge.

Pick Your Project By Machine

Quilting Machines to feed your needs, from Juki long-arm sewing machine used exclusively for quilts to sergers; beautiful stitches are Juki's biggest appeal. Sep 23,  · Achieve an expert to your projects using the SINGER Professional 5 14TDC Serger.

Using a serger for quilting

It has thread capability, providing a wide selection of sewing options for all types of projects. SINGER | Professional 5 14TDC Serger with Threaded Capability, including Cover Stitch, Auto Tension, and Bonus Presser Feet.

Tips on using the right serger thread.

| /5(22). The serger must be easy to thread, let me replace the needles easily, and offer easy adjustments. I teach serger sewing at Hancock in Salisbury, MD so I can appreciate all the different kinds of serger out there. A serger is a serger is a serger meaning the stitch is pretty much the same on all of them!

Like with any sewing machine, I suggest beginning with a project that uses woven fabric, and master that first before moving onto projects involving stretch fabrics. Though one of the main joys of sewing with a serger is the ability to work with jersey knits, swimwear fabric, and sweater knits, so once you’ve mastered the machine with a woven.

Serger sewing projects
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