Pebble project

The proposed pace of this is dizzying, as the EIS process took over six years for the Donlin mine project in Alaska while the Army Corps is trying to ramrod the Pebble EIS through in roughly two years.

Fisheries professionals will be studying the data to attempt to determine the cause of the low returns. Contact Jamie Avard-Fernandez Email: The likelihood of future mining at the Pebble Project is subject to a large number of risks and will require achievement of a number of technical, economic and legal objectives, including obtaining necessary mining and construction permits, approvals, licenses and title on a timely basis and delays due to third party opposition, changes in government policies regarding mining and natural resource exploration and exploitation, the final outcome of any litigation, completion of pre-feasibility and final feasibility studies, preparation of all necessary engineering for surface or underground mining and processing facilities as well as receipt of significant additional financing to fund these objectives as well as funding mine construction.

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Brad Angasan, the Alaska Native village corporation's vice president of corporate affairs, said in a statement Monday that Kokhanok and Newhalen will benefit from the construction of new infrastructure. Approximately midway through the scoping comment period which concluded in late JunePebble submitted plan revisions to their application.

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Pebble Mine

Although the Company believes the expectations expressed in its forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statements should not be in any way construed as guarantees of the ultimate size, quality or commercial feasibility of the Pebble Project or of the Company's future performance or the outcome of litigation.

Review Canadian public filings at www. But, in a year of disappointment in many other locales, Bristol Bay experienced record numbers of sockeye returning to its river systems — showcasing all the more reason that this one-of-a-kind resource must be protected. Public meetings will be hosted by the Corps during the scoping period in Alaska regional centers Anchorage, Homer, King Salmon and Dillingham, as well as in villages in close proximity to the Pebble Project, including Iliamna, Igiugig, Nondalton and Kokhanok.

Rio Tinto Finds the Way in Bristol Bay: Dump the Pebble Mine

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Northern Dynasty is a mineral exploration and development company based in Vancouver, Canada. Once that permit process began, Pebble became more than a hypothetical threat. APC is an Alaska Native village corporation with extensive land holdings proximal to the Pebble site, and more than shareholders — many of whom live in the nearby villages of Newhalen and Kokhanok.

We need to do whatever possible to slow this train down, so there might also be future opportunities to educate your members of Congress on ways to protect Bristol Bay.

Oct 27,  · For over ten years, the battle between sportsmen and the Pebble Mine project, a proposal for the world’s largest open-pit mine intended for the headwaters of Bristol Bay, has been underway.

Many thought the project had been defeated inbut make no mistake, Pebble. “The Pebble project has caught the imagination of people who don’t want it developed — environmentalists have taken it on as something to unite over,” Bryan said by phone.

“The company will still have to deal with that apart from the technical aspects of the project.”. The Pebble Project is a copper-gold-molybdenum porphyry deposit in the advanced exploration stage.

The project is located on state land in the Bristol Bay Region of southwest Alaska, approximately 17 miles northwest of the community of Iliamna.

Pebble Mine

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. said Tuesday it has reached a final right-of-way agreement with Alaska Peninsula Corp. to allow for a transportation corridor across the tribal group's lands in. Federal agencies are now reviewing the application to build a large mine at Pebble, near Iliamna Lake southwest of Alaska.

But no matter what the administration of President Donald Trump decides, the state of Alaska may be able to veto the project. Northern Dynasty's Pebble Project is the focus of intense debate.

It’s become one of the biggest stories in the natural resource industry. To give you an expert’s perspective on this debate, I sat down face to face and discussed Pebble with the legendary geologist David Lowell.

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Pebble project
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