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Chicken Head Lyrics

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A guitar is also a fishing rod. Then installed it on the coop. PROJECT PAT F/ - Chicken Head Lyrics. Bwok, bwok, chicken, chicken Bwok, bwok, chicken heads (Boy, please, whateva) Bwok, bwok, chicken, chicken Bwok, bwok, chicken.

Lyrics for Chicken Head by Project Pat. [chorus] bawk bawk, chicken chicken bawk bawk, chicken heads (boy please whateva) bawk baw. Chicken Head lyrics: Chorus] Bwok bwok, chicken chicken Bwok bwok, chicken heads (boy please whateva) Bwok bwok, chicken chicken Bwok bwok, chicken heads [x4] [Project Pat] Bald-head scala-wag Ain't got no hair in back G.

Chicken Head

Listen and Download Project Pat Chicken Head mp3 - Up to date free Project Pat Chicken Head songs by Robin Dale Ford, Pat Fitzgerald and their band Dang! make and record music in Interior Alaska. Listen to mp3 files, read reviews of their recordings, find out about 10th Planet Recording, their track recording studio in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Key and BPM for Chickenhead (feat. La Chat & Three 6 Mafia) by Project Pat, La Chat, Three 6 Mafia. Also see Camelot, duration, release date, label, popularity, energy, danceability, and happiness.

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Chicken head project pat
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